About VCBM

Aims and Scope

EG VCBM is a bi-annual event addressing state-of-the-art visual computing research with a strong focus on applications in biology and medicine. EG VCBM is unique, as it provides a highly interdisciplinary forum for experts from computer graphics, visualization, computer vision, visual analytics, human computer interfaces and end users from biology and medicine jointly working on next generation visual computing solutions for healthcare and the biotechnology sector.

EG VCBM solicits the submission of original application-oriented research papers that advance the fusion of visual computing methods within imaging-based medicine and biological science. All papers should focus on a well-defined biological or medical problem, and should demonstrate a significant innovation or improvement in visual computing.

Upcoming Dates

  • Paper submission: June 19, 2014
  • Paper notification: July 31, 2014

All deadlines are at 23:59 CET (UTC + 1) (convert to your timezone).

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VCBM 2014: Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is now live, SRM services have been set up, so let’s get going!

Detailed information can be found on the CfP page. We’re looking forward to receiving YOUR work!

As in the last years, the Best Paper Award will be sponsored by NVIDIA.

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VCBM 2010 in full swing

VCBM 2010 is in full swing at the Mediencampus Villa Ida in Leipzig! The day was kicked off by the fantastic keynote of Prof. Anders Ynnerman, who also brought along the virtual autopsy multi-touch table for attendees to play with:

Virtual Autopsy on multi-touch table.

Paper sessions so far have been great, especially the lively discussion after presentations.  At this very moment the posters fast forward session is taking place, after which the poster session will start.

Remember that you can follow the (relatively low-traffic) twitter stream documenting the conference by following hashtag #vcbm2010.

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The 2010 program has been finalised

We’ve had the list of accepted papers plus an overview of the program for a while now, but this weekend we were able to finalise the program, including the session groupings, keynotes and list of accepted posters.  We are very happy with the results!

So, head on to the VCBM 2010 program page to see for yourself and then go register!

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VCBM 2010 registration is now open!

We are pleased to announce that the VCBM 2010 registration has now been officially opened.  Please head on to the registration page if you’d like to join us in Leipzig on July 1 and 2 for what is shaping up to be a great scientific and social program.  We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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Dirk Bartz in memoriam.

It deeply saddens us that our friend, colleague and chair of VCBM 2010, Dirk Bartz, passed away very unexpectedly this past weekend.

After some deliberation, we have decided that VCBM 2010 in Leipzig must continue, and will be held in his honour.  A number of people have offered to assist in the organization of the conference.  They have our heartfelt gratitude.

Bernhard Preim wrote the following dedication, also to appear in the Visualization proceedings:

I got to know Dirk at my first Vis. Conference in 2001 in San Diego. For Dirk, it was already his 6th visualization conference. Dirk had a broad interest and substantial experience in medical visualization, exactly the same speciality I was interested in. Besides having similar interests, I was fascinated  by the kind and friendly personality of Dirk. I was at that time at MEVIS in Bremen. Soon thereafter, Dirk visited us and presented the work done in Tübingen at that time and I was given the oppurtunity to present in the famous “Friday”-colloquium in Tübingen. One thing, I noticed through the whole time since then,  is that Dirk took great care of his students , he let them present their results, he did not interrupt them, he was interested in them as personalities even long after they left.

Since then Dirk and I collaborated at various occasions. Dirk strongly supported the idea of building a German Interest Group on Medical Visualization and took actively part in the whole time giving advice to many Phd students, among them, the Phd students of our group. Dirk organized many tutorials at Vis., Eurographics, and CARS. For me, being not that strongly involved in the Vis. Community he opened many doors and provided oppurtunities to contribute. In 2005, I was very glad that Dirk joined the effort of writing a textbook on “Visualization in Medicine”. For an 18 month period, we communicated daily on the various aspects of the book. It was enlightening and a pleasure to discuss with Dirk all the time.  He was always perfectly reliable and good-humored even in situations where he had a very high workload.

In the end of 2006, Dirk became appointed as Professor for Computer-Assisted Surgery at the International Center for Computer-Assisted Surgery (ICCAS) Leipzig and started to build a new research group. In continuation of his work in Tübingen, he focused on visualization techniques, such as illustrative rendering, perceptual studies (from Dirk I learned the term “psychophysical studies) and applications in neurosurgery and ENT surgery. His group consisted of two female and one male Phd students which was typical for Dirk – to support female researchers was an important issue for him.

Dirk belonged to the core team which tried to establish a new workshop series “Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine”. It was quite natural that Dirk would host the 2nd event, scheduled to take place in July in Leipzig. Until the very last days of his life, he discussed strategies for this workshop.

At conferences, Dirk impressed me by always having his sneakers with him and taking oppurtunities. A second routine for Dirk was to establish Skype meeting with his dear wife Heidi and his children, in particular with Robert, who became 3 years last winter. It was extremely important for Dirk to always keep in close contact with his family.
During one his favorite activities, running half-marathon in Berlin, what he did several times before, he collapsed and passed away on March 28. Dirk was only 42 years old, leaving behind Heidi, his wife and his two little sons.

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There’s still time to make your submission

The deadline is not quite upon us yet.  You still have a whole weekend to submit your high-quality VCBM papers!

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First updates for VCBM 2010

We have updated the website with information about the 2010 edition of VCBM that will take place in Leipzig on July 1 and 2 in 2010.   See the available pages in the sidebar on the right.

The old 2008 conference site has been archived.

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For my next trick: The VCBM 2008 programme!

It’s finally here, the VCBM 2008 programme!  We’re expecting two bumper days of great presentations, go take a look.  Early registration is till September 10, hotel rooms are being kept for VCBM conference visitors until September 5.

I hope to see you in Delft on October 6 and 7.

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VCBM 2008 open for registration

VCBM 2008 is open for registration!  Go to the registration page for more information.

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